EVM Training: Direct SMS Messaging

Please Note: This feature is ONLY available to clients who have purchased our premium Direct SMS Messaging service add-on.

The EVM Direct SMS Messaging service allows an administrator to send an SMS message directly from within an EVM event page. Because event management can be a change and effect whirlwind this provides a fast and easy way to alert team members of those important and sometimes critical changes. After clicking an icon the administrator fills in a popup that can designate pertinent categories (panel category names) and recipients (even just one!) then compose a short alert message. Recipients recieve a text message with a link back to a more detailed message page within the EVM site. Following this information is even a link to the specific event page so you can easily jump to even more information that has been added to the event page itself.

Please be aware that because an administrator opens the Direct SMS Messaging dialog within a specific event, the outgoing message(s) is targeted to recipients who are ONLY attached to that event. Also, the service is a one way communication so please do not reply to the text message as it will not be received by anyone. Use regular text messaging or email contact information to find recipients for further communication.

We are excited about the Direct SMS Messaging service because it is perfect to quickly send out alert messages that make your team aware of important changes. This means you are always in the que for that important information you expect - even at a moments notice.