What's New

A NEW lite version, New Features, Updates, Improvements and More.

New Lite Version

-A brand new lite version of the EVM is now available for subscription.  This offers the option to have a smaller version of the full service.  The lite version includes all of the main functions of the EVM but now only allows 7 panels rather than the full 21 panels.  Additionally, the lite version also does not offer the SMS Messaging, ITF function nor does it allow uploads to the system. All other functionality is available.

New Features

-A new Print function lets you print any individual panel by itself.

-A new Team Management feature has been added to easily create Teams and display personnel or contacts for your events

-Added new SubTitle option to the Event List... config available from the System Settings

-Added System Settings function to admin menu (see new training documents under admin training to learn how to use System Settings)

Updates/ Bug fixes

-Changed how the Text option in Panels is accessed. Rather than selecting Red Color Text or Green Color Text as an option from the dropdown in Editor Type, you now simply select Text from the dropdown and then click the radio button next to Text Styles for the color you want. The default is black but you can change to any of the colors as well as change the style of the Text including Bold, Italic, Underscore and Strikethrough

-Fixed the Open All Panel function (open folder icon on event pages) so when returning to an event the admin now sees the proper panels open

-Fixed the Yes/No dropdown option for items in a panel where the dropdown displays properly now