Highly Configurable

We wanted our events system to be highly configurable.

 We were driven to find a better way to represent the data for each individual event because no two events are alike in what they may require. So if there are certain equipment needs for example, say with the audio team, then we didn't see why we should have to "inherit" those needs in the next event and just put some silly filler text in if . We wanted to be able to add "NEW" requirements with perhaps new dependencies. EVM Live allows us to do that. We can add as many data types as we need with each being different than the last event and of course as few as we need. We can sort them differently and change certain ways that they look.

We also wanted greater control in how we organized our data. Having collapsible panels that are color coded and can be "state-memorized" (opened or closed) per event was important. Having the ability to name these panels by logical groups was also key. There are many ways that EVM Live has evolved into a mature, highly configurable data solution and we invite you to visit our features page to learn more.