Accessible from Anywhere

Because your data is in the Cloud you can get to it from anywhere - in the airport, in your taxi, or back at the office after your planning meeting.

EVM Live originates from a cloud server that is located in a top of the line data center.  The data center was designed with uptime, reliability, and security in mind and features multi-stage security, FM-200 fire suppression systems, battery backup, and independent redundant generators. The hosting network boasts redundancy and capacity, with 10 GigE connections to multiple backbone providers. 

Because of the high reliability of network services, EVM Live is always ready to provide you with your data from anywhere you can access the internet.   And because EVM Live is built around a responsive design philosophy you can use it comfortably with any device you happen to be using at the time you need access to your data. EVM Live works well on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops so it truly is accessible from anywhere and with any device.