Device Independent

Whether you prefer to use a computer in your office or a tablet or phone away from the office, EVM Live can be used anywhere on any device and will format automatically for that device.

With EVM Live, you can view the latest information about your event from any device that you happen to have when you need to view it. So, if you are in the airport and you receive a text message alerting you to a few changes made by a team member, you can access your data from your mobile device and see those very changes. It can be vital to your business to be able to make quick decisions and EVM Live empowers you with this ability by making your data available on multiple devices - so you can access it from multiple locations.

EVM Live also empowers you with the ability to change your data from nultiple devices.  If after viewing a team members changes you happen to see a costly error or mis-communication, you can edit the data on the fly whether you are on mobile, laptop, etc. Being quick to make these changes could impact you in vital ways so whether you are in an Uber or a Cab and have your smart phone you are capable of putting out a small fire before it erupts into an uncontrollable blaze.

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