We wanted our system to be clear, straight-forward & un-complicated. Easy to manage.

Manageable means to control and accomplish things without difficulty and this was an essential focus of our vision. No matter who interacts with the data, whether a viewer or an editor, we expect an easy connection with the data - especially in how it is engaged. So for viewers, we wanted to eliminate distractions. A filtered interaction, first from the role level (guests or not?), to data filtering and sorting (show me this but not that and in THIS order) was significant.

When viewers check their event data, the panels that are not important to them are hidden by administrators. This prevents distractions and makes the data more accessible by minimizing the items that appear. A viewer may decide that even some of the panels that ARE made available are not important to them so we added a "snapshot" feature that remembers which panels are open and closed for EACH event. Administrators are given an auto snapshot feature that simply remembers what is open and closed per visit.

A large part of our vision of greater manageability of data was to provide powerful tools for task execution. If we had an important message to communicate to a team ("Alert! This has changed!") we wanted to execute this right away, so we added an SMS system within each event to provide immediate feedback. If we were concerned about data revisions ("have they changed this yet?", "What has changed?") we built in the ability to glance at the last 10 edits in an event. These tools have made maximum manageability an attainable goal and there are many more.

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