We wanted our system to be simple to use with everything on one, single page.

The many details that it takes to execute an event are varied and complex. Who is doing what and what exactly are they doing? What time does this happen and where? How many of "these things" have we asked for and who has signed off on that amount? The number of things to track can be daunting.

We knew we weren't going to necessarily eliminate the amount of details, but the idea is that if event specifics can be organized well and presented in one nice, neat container there is a greater chance of efficiency in the management flow. EVM Live gives us the ability to choose panels to separate our event data and each panel can be collapsed to "get it out of the way" when we need to concentrate on one section or another.

Our teams began to use EVM Live to track flight data, Lighting and Audio needs, Hotel and Local ground transportation information, Contact information and so much more. And - it's all on an event per event basis - on one single and simple page! Unlike some event management systems if you don't NEED information for something you don't have to enter anything. There are no empty variables cluttering up your view if you don't want them. Simply remove them and add them back on the next event if you need them. And if we DO need them we don't have to drill down several levels to get to them. They are all right there on the one simple page.

A simple, all on one page look of our event information whether we are in the office on our desktop, in the airport with our mobile devices or at the venue with our tablets simply means we are in complete control of the entire workflow at any moment we choose.